Fitting out the new ‘shop

September and October have been busy months following our relocation.  We have now been able to get on with fitting out the office and workshop.  The framing equipment and machinery has now been unpacked, re-assembled and where needed, fixed to walls.  The good news is that there is now much more room.  There are now separate clean and dirty rooms to enable cutting, sanding and spraying for hand finished frames well away from mount cutting, mounting and finishing.  Looking forward to getting on with the framing!!!

A Tall Story

A happy customer!

How is this for a tall story?

I have just completed the biggest framing job yet undertaken by AllFramed.

My customer has had a printed family tree, which dates back to King Henry II, gathering dust for some time.  It seemed such a shame not to have it on display.  So after discussing several options, the frame work, with a deep beveled mount and black and silver frame was commissioned.

The happy customer is seen with the completed work to the right.

The job was completed in a number of stages:

The family tree was supplied rolled up in a laminated sheet.  It was decided to keep the picture flat that it should be dry mounted (laminated with a JetMounter) to a sheet of 3mm MDF.

Bevel detail

To provide some additional depth to the completed work, the picture was then surrounded by a 10mm deep paper covered slip mount.  This was made as a “frame” in its own right, cut to size on the Morso and then glued and underpinned.

The under-pinner pad

The under-pinner pad was taped over so as not to mark the paper covering.

The bevel mount - made as a "frame"

Finally, the frame was glazed with 3mm acrylic.  We used acrylic as the picture will hang in a hallway in a house with small children.  This will help protect against accidents and also makes the framed package considerably lighter than glass.

Large acrylic sheet waiting for the frame.

Hand finished picture frames

When my customers are given the choice of factory finished gold mouldings or finished by hand, the hand finish is proving more popular.

The current range on obeche







I can make a selection of gold and distressed gold finishes created with a number of paints, waxes and gilt creams.  This finish will enhance older pictures and even simple line drawings.  Interestingly, the distressed finishes are preferred the most.

The favourites made with two different techniques and materials


Sports Memorabilia Framing

April has been the month for framing sports memorabilia at AllFramed. 

3D Items

The London marathon has prompted the framing of a medal and number of a runner from the 1994 race. The red mount picks out the lettering on the medal ribbon, the medal being presented in a 3 dimensional shadow box.


Framed sports shirts are always popular.  The Burnley shirt below is a boys shirt of early nineties vintage mounted on a textured sky blue background.

Also framed this month was a signed Saracens rugby shirt which made for a large contrasting red and black image.

Framers Forum Live

On Sunday we attended the Framers Forum Live event at Stratford-Upon-Avon.  This was an event organised by picture framers for picture framers consisting of supplier trade stands and industry professional seminars.

Attending such events enables us to keep up to date with supplier trends and innovations and to pick up new skills and ideas for framing and presenting your artwork at is best.

Looking forward to next year and meeting up and comparing notes with other framers again.  Next stop Lion South event on April 10th!

Re-use Old Picture Frames

Have you considered re-using your old or second hand frames?  Many old picture frames will be made of good quality timbers such as oak.  These can be refurbished including stripping down, re-joining and finishing such as liming and waxing.  There may be dents and scrapes in the wood which will add to the character.

The re-finished frame can keep the original glazing or be completed with modern glass such as UV filtering to protect the artwork.  The overall cost of such a project will likely not be less than using new materials due to the labour in dismantling and preparation, but the final result can produce a frame with plenty of character and a story of its own.

Picture Frames – Mass Production

I have just completed my biggest single job.

By quantity that is.  Eight same sized prints with V-grooved mounts.  The prints are art post cards from France and measure 370mm x 295mm.

The soft white mount  enables the colours of the prints to stand out, turning them into attractive pieces which will be hanging in a hall and stairs.

The V-grooves add interest without distracting from the pictures.  The moulding is a traditional timber with a limed brown/grey finish and gold sight edge.

Artwork Mounting Now Available!

This week I purchased a Hot Press JetMounter.  What a great machine.  It provides the facility to mount artwork to a flat and stable back board which ensures it stays flat when hung. It will also laminate with various effects which can also remove the need to mount behind glass.

Whist not suitable for work of value as it is not a reversible process, it is great for large photos, posters and prints.  Presentation options include normal mounting behind mountboard and glass, laminated film, MDF blocks and even crystal clear acrylic blocks.